The company


The company ARS NATURA specialises in designing interior and exterior green spaces, pruning, upkeep and automatic watering systems.


This young, dynamic company will surprise you with its high quality service and the benefits offered.
You will see the difference thanks to full training in the green spaces domain, this includes:

– A Masters in managing insect populations
– BEPA in landscaping spatial planning
– Professional Baccalaureate in landscaping
– BTSA in landscapin
– CS in pruning
– DAPA in applying pharmaceutical products + certiphyto safety certificate
– First aid certificate
– Safe vehicle operation certificate (CACES) for platform and agricultural machinery.

ambiance-jardin-varWe are constantly looking to improve the quality of our work, and, out of respect for nature, it is essential for us to be up to date by taking the latest training courses and using state of the art equipment.In order to always be able to offer a complete, high quality service, the company has the recognised expertise (certificates and qualifications) to get involved at all stages of your projects.

Our services, which respect the natural environment of your location, follow the general policy of ‘sustainable development’.