Specialised tree cutters

Ars Natura is one of the emerging companies in the pruning domain and shows a strong desire to refine their knowledge and know-how.


Given the techniques involved, the depth of plant knowledge required and the potential risk, the pruning services demand not only expertise, but also the intervention of a highly specialised technician. In addition to procedures carried out for safety reasons (felling dangerous trees) our specialists guarantee total mastery when it comes to maintaining arboreal parks:


· Pruning activities (formation, cutting back, restructuring, architectural design, fruit trees)

· Pruning palm trees ‘ball’ and ‘daisy’ (using a billhook, technique for climbing without studs) “

· Reasonable pruning “

· Health and danger diagnostics

· Phytosanitary treatments

· Traitement phytosanitaire

· Chirurgie arboricole

· Arboreal surgery

· Logging, felling trees which pose a danger

· Grubbing

· Grinding and removal of remnants

· Securing cliffs


Our experience and high level of qualification allow our teams to maintain protected wooded parks and to guarantee their beauty and durability. Throughout the Alpes Maritimes and the east of the Var, we work with communities, local authorities and individuals as well as building managers, hotels and residences.


From the initial assessment to the final result, we do everything possible to satisfy your needs and demands.