Green walls

mur-végétal-varGreen walls

Today concrete is taking over our towns and space is becoming rarer and more expensive. Thanks to green walls we work with another dimension; a rational way of bringing vegetation back to urban environments.As well as the aesthetic advantages that such an arrangement provides, it offers several advantages in terms of urban ecology.

Created by Patrick Blanc in the 80s, this is the ultimate decorative feature.


Indoors:The green wall has several advantages:

– The creation of a vertical garden which takes up minimal space
– Humidification of our indoor air, which is often too dry, thanks to the plants’ evapotranspiration.
– Improving a room (it’s a vegetal decoration) and so improving the living environment.
– Purifying by plants (removing air pollutants) thanks to the usage of plants which filter the air.


Plants have psychologically soothing virtues, their presence is recommended in living and working environments.


Outdoors The green wall has mechanical qualities which add to its building improvement properties:

– Improving the appearance of an unsightly facade.
– Regulating the temperature of the residence by 5 to 15°C thanks to the evapotranspiration of the system.
– Acoustically insulating a facade or a boundary thanks to the system’s natural ability to absorb up to 18db.


Each arrangement is a unique piece which is made to measure and adapts to the restrictions of each environment.