Plant preservation

Preserved green walls and arrangements
Plant preservation is a totally unique ecological process which consists of replacing the sap naturally found in plants with a preservative which gently stops plants ageing. This substance, similar to sugar, is 100% biodegradable.Thanks to this natural preservation technique, indoor plants maintain their suppleness and natural freshness without any maintenance. No watering, light or specific temperatures are required. All they need to conserve their radiance is a light dusting.


The use of the products is unlimited; it relies on our creative spirit and know-how. Ars Natura uses its expertise to provide you with the best service:
No water : no more worrying about forgetting or over-watering.
No earth / the plants no longer need nutrients.
No maintenance
No pruning : nor need for fertiliser or to replace withering plants
No light required : lack of light is no problem
No toxins : or dangerous parasites; it is now possible to keep plants everywhere.
Economical : the budget is controlled and savings made.
Made to measure: : our creations can be made to order according to your wishes (made to order green walls, plant pots, preserved plants and vegetation for offices, companies, hotels etc)stab